About: Otago PSP

Otago Science Into Action: Who are we?

Otago Science Into Action is a collaborative partnership involving:


We have come together to design and deliver the Otago PSP pilot.

Otago Science Into Action: What can we offer?

Otago Science Into Action offers support for community-based groups to shape their research ideas into projects, and turn their projects into reality.


The Otago Science Into Action team will offer:


  • Mentoring and project management advice
  • Connections to scientists
  • Technical expertise
  • Funding


Otago Science Into Action will host and facilitate workshops to kick start conversations and connections that will help sow ideas. It also has funding available to assist translating ideas into on-the-ground projects.


The Otago Science Into Action team will be going out to communities, schools and interest groups across the Otago region to discuss their ideas and offer support and advice on how to get started.


If your group would like to talk to the team please register your interest here.